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DC AIDS Ride 4: Ride 2 - Shirlington to Mt. Vernon

Ride 2: Shirlington to Mount Vernon
Saturday, February 7
Distance: 19 miles

My second ride--didn't even feel it.

DC AIDS Ride 4: Ride 1 - Pierce Mill

Ride 1: Pierce Mill
Saturday, January 23
Distance: 25 miles

This was my first training ride.

DC AIDS Ride 4: But Why

I must be insane.

That's the first reason that comes to mind when I try to figure out
why I've committed to this challenge.

I'll be biking 330 miles over four days in June as part of the DC
AIDS Ride.  Three-hundred sixty miles under the scorching summer heat
of North Carolina and Virginia, 330 miles on the gel-filled saddle of a
Trek 270, 330 miles...



Saddle sores.



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