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DC AIDS Ride 4: Pre-ride Anticipation

Well, the day is almost here... tomorrow I'll be heading to Raleigh, North Carolina to begin an adventure unlike any I've ever been a part of. I'll be biking for 330+ miles over 4 days to arrive in Washington DC on Sunday afternoon. This is all as a part of the Washington DC AIDS Ride.

I've raised over $2,000 in pledges for AIDS-related services in the Washington DC Area.

I've trained for over 5 months, woken up earlier on weekends than I do on weekdays, and spent hours under the scorching sun.

Now it's time for the test.

I've never been any good at all with physical activity in my life, you may well know the story to some degree (if not, I'll fill you in someday. Check back soon). So now, I'm preparing not only to do something which seems difficult to most people, but something which I would not have even considered possible for me only a year ago.

I'd like to invite all of you, even if you live nowhere near Washington, DC, to join the 2000 riders in celebration when we arrive on the national Mall on Sunday afternoon. Closing ceremonies begin at 2:30 or so near the Air and Space museum, on 4th and Jefferson, NW. You're more than welcome to attend. I'll be there--I've committed to do so.

Wish me luck!