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Have a Laugh with Online Tracking

You know that online marketing firms are anonymously targeting ads at you based on what they think they know about you from your online habits and how those fit into narrow profiles.

If you want to find out what some of these companies think they know about you (and be amused or surprised by the results), try the following. This works for online ads with the "AdChoices" logo on the top right (

It's adulthood

Last weekend, I saw one of my greatest friends, ever, get married to a man I had met before only over the phone and that she met while while getting her PhD in St. Louis. I, along with all the other members of the high-school entourage that showed up for the event, approved wholeheartedly of her taste.

El Matri de Yuki, y St. Louis, MO

Se casó la Yuki. Sin dejar atrás todo lo que hemos vivido, comienza una nueva etapa en su vida. Las cosas cambiarán, de eso podemos estar seguros, pero también podemos estar seguros que cambiarán para encaminarse en direcciones cien veces mejores. Para no ponernos telellorónicos y melodramáticos, he aquí unas cuantas fotillas para poner en claro que las cosas cambian, pero las que hemos cultivado perduran.

Of Soda in the Desert

From correspondence with my online pen-pal David of PlanetSoma and OtherStream fame after the piece on Corner Stores and Teem:

I remember drinking Teem from the vending machines at motels. That was the only place I ever saw the stuff. My house was all about RC Cola and Wink (Safeway Grapefriut Soda is my current approximation thereof), with occasional splurges for Tahitian Treat.

A new favorite place: The National Building Museum

I spent my Sunday afternoon dodging little kids at the National Building Museum (it seems like the exhibit of the White House in Miniature has become the Tourist Attraction To See After Lunch At Planet Hollywood lately) and stumbled across an exhibit on the Corner Store that I thought I had missed and finally got a chance to see.

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