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Wilderness in New Jersey?

So I went camping this weekend.

To say I learned much would be an understatement. Despite my trying to dig deep into the recesses of my memory for previous camping experiences, none of those bumbling overnighters in my high school's softball field (which by the way, as much as I try to think of as long ago, are really only 7 or 8 years in my past) fits the bill of camping given what I did this weekend.

Hawaii: "It's just like home"

I was initially struck by how much Honolulu looked like various cities with which I interacted during my childhood. The houses have the same relatively contemporary architecture. Low walls separate houses, which sit close to each other and touch the sidewalks with their external walls, their inner yards protected from wall-climbing miscreants by security perimeters made of mortar and broken beer bottles. I suppose that to some this walled-ness would seem forbidding or unfriendly.

Hawaii: Of food and wine

Writing this one year later, and after having travel journals involving various culinary experiences take over this site (originally intended to expose the things that are official Pains In My Butt&tm;), it's almost ironic (and to think Alanis had such a hard time) that this food section on Hawaii is so late in cominq.

Hawaii: Foreign(er) nation

I think that the most unusual fact about the exhibit at the Bishop Museum is that Hawaii has such a history of cultural and ethnic intermingling that one would suppose that there'd be an intense public scrutiny of rhetoric about immigration, foreign origin and new arrivals to the Islands. However, and the more I think of it, it's more a function of my perception, having been living in the very charged atmosphere of ethnicity and racial relations in the continental United States.

Hawaii: Goofy, mixed-up people

I've never found a shortage of people willing to remind me about the evils of ethnocentrism and the need to be very, very careful when discussing issues of ethnicity and race and culture, lest one possibly offend someone. Our visit to the Bishop museum in Honolulu showed me that 1) either those people never made it to Hawaii to spread their gospel or 2) they made it over and pissed someone off big time.

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