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Brazil: A Bossa Nostra

March 26: Please Don't Go Girl, 9:30 Pm, McDonalds on JK and Brigadeiro Faria Lima. Big-ass thunderstorm. I still think Brazilians are beautiful.

March 31 (Rua Vinicius de Moraes com Rua Prudente de Morais, Rio de Janeiro): I can see now why all the movies ever made about Rio de Janeiro involve people falling in love. Well, sometimes they also involve people who are eaten alive by a hoarde of street kids. But mostly the love thing.

Brazil: A Bunda Doente - Saddle Sores in Brazil

March 18: Just landed in São Paulo after about 12 hours of travelling. The lines to get through immigration are a good reminder of the impact that underplanning 30 years ago can have on today's world.

Taiwan: Walk Hao, or the Power of Two - Theology, wet ladies, political massacres and alimentary delicacies.

We were informed early this week that February 28 is a national holiday. "It's a government mistake," they told us. "They forgot to not make it a holiday any more". Some fifty years ago, a protest that took place on the last day of February resulted in police violence, which escalated into a widespread national massacre of dissenters. Certainly not the kind of event one wants to remember by partying the night before and having a backyard barbecue. But what was done was done, so Dave and I ended up having an unplanned holiday.

Taiwan: Week One! (We can have lots of fun!)

Ni hao?

I began my journey this morning at 8am , boarding the flight headed towards San Francisco, then to Taipei. Nothing particularly eventful happened yet. I did have the pleasure of having my seatmate almost spill some of his Starbucks triple-shot venti skim latte on me, which was ironic given my very deliberate care to not spill the motherf---ing drink as I took my seat.

Taiwan: Jesus Hao? Religious conversions, homosexual singers, and welcome arrivals.

What an intense amount of walking. I saw a bike I thought I'd want to buy, but decided it was not worth the hassle. I saw signs that confirm to me that Taiwan is a nation full of inventive people.

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