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El apátrida

Mark sent me a link to a posting that summarizes the conundrum very well indeed. Uncannily so--it's almost as if chisparoja had gotten into my brain and started siphoning thoughts and feelings out.

Grumblings from DC

Fear is high up on my list.

Sadness is right next to it. It's not frustration, surprisingly enough--I think I had just become resigned to the thought that the average person in the US is underinformed, uninterested in the world, and watching out for number one and number one's own view of the world, to the degree that every other person out there, and the space in which they live, becomes unimportant.

The new world?

Still speechless.

I'm surprised some of my friends have been able to muster words of sadness, anger and/or frustration over email. I haven't been able to do so.

I'm still shocked. Pained. I spent all of Election day in the West Virginia panhandle,waving signs and feeling confident and optimistic about the future. Every (rare)time someone slowed down and yelled "baby killer" or "anti-american" I simply smiled and told myself "that is why I'm defending democracy".

What to do now?

I'm not sure what I'm going to do now...

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