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Condi on Latin America

Thanks, Senator Dodd. When Condi basically started venting about how horrible Venezuela's Chavez is and equating him to Fidel Castro and how little he's done to help the situation by what he says and how he's not cooperating, he replied "Yes, but Lula in Brazil has said very similar things--in fact following similar lines--and you've found a way to work with Brazil."

Bushist Outrage of the week

Ok, so it took Bush a few days to go further than his initial US$15 million to relief work in the Indian Ocean. That's a fumble that almost didn't get caught.

But the big fumble is that the budget for his second inauguration is $40 million. This, at a time when they say there's not enough money to pay for schools or health care or AIDS treatment programs.

Die-cast planetoids made in Macau

This looks like either cheap cookware or one of those old-style Monopoly playing pieces that you shouldn't use because you might get lead poisoning.

The Intelligent Design whackjobs will have a field day with this new image of the belt around Iapetus, one of Saturn's moons...

My TSA No-Fly List Saga, Part 2

After my return to the Untied--I mean United--States, I proceeded to muster up what remaining patience I may have had for the Transportation Sekurity Agency and called their 800 number to speak to the office of the Ombudsman.

My TSA No-Fly List Saga, Parts 1

So, after the highly depressing results of the US presidential election of 2004, I decided that I needed to spend some time outside of the United States, preferrably in a place that had medical care for all, a solid educational system, where "welfare" isn't a dirty word and where "intellectual" is not an insult. Amsterdam came to mind. Certainly, the fact that it was the center of a vast trading empire for centuries, that it has some of the most progressive laws in the books anywhere, and that being a leftist isn't considered treasonous was appealing.

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