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Bushist outrage of the week - Journalistic Payola continues

This time, not quite a payola--but another one of those "oops, we didn't know, how could we" messages coming from Bushohthep II's spinners.

Virginia is for BusyBodies

VA's current crises:

- not enough state revenues to maintain an adequate road system statewide

- air pollution in Shenandoah Valley destroying both views and habitats

- a north-heavy tax base with a relatively underdeveloped south

- air quality in northern Virginia rated as some of the worst in the country

So what is the state assembly focusing on?

- passing laws making wearing low-rider pants a misdemeanor

- making adoption by same-sex couples illegal

Bushist outrage of the week - the No Rally List

Seems that the fight for freedom and democracy that Bushotep II doesn't apply in the US, at least not when it comes to access to the President's public events as a servant of the people.

Here's a quote from Salon from 2/7/2005:

"When Bush traveled to Fargo, N.D., for a forum there Thursday, more than 40 area residents found themselves on a list that prohibited them from getting tickets. Suspected terrorists? In the eyes of local Republicans maybe -- the residents on the list all seem to be known, one way or another, for their liberal political views."

Bushist outrage of the week - Journalistic Payola grows

So, just a day after Pharaoh Bushohthep II stood and said "well, you know, this is bad, we shouldn't be, you know, doing this--our policies should stand on their own merits" we learn that there was yet a third journalist that was paid by a federal department to serve as a shill for the government's agenda.

To date, we have:

Postcards from Buster

So, if I expressed objections to seeing heterosexist portrayals of family life that exclude gay and lesbian families in kids' shows, and said that I don't want my nephews and nieces exposed to them, would you pull distribution of such shows much as you did with the Postcards from Buster show that talks about a legitimately coupled lesbian family in Vermont?

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