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So it WAS Karl Rove - again

... and you obviously can't shame the shameless.

PlameBait: Was it Rove?

Oh, wouldn't it be lovely if the White House Chief Of Staff, Karl Rove, gets hauled out in front of Congress for perjury?

It's becoming increasingly clear that Wilson was either informed or prescient in suggesting that the leak of his wife's identity as a CIA undercover operative was engineered or at least assisted at the highest level by Turd Blossom himself.

Pop Culture Front: Smoothies?

I wonder if the visible rise in the so-called "smoothies" phenomenon might be one explanation as to why the tide is turning in the gay mainstream. It seems that chest and body hair are finally making a well-deserved comback tour after their 15-year exile enforced by lasers and hot wax.

Will the EU Finance Ministers show reason when Bushothep II didn't?

Well, there is a confirmation hearing for who will be the president of the World Bank. While those making macroeconomic analyses in the US may be either blind or just shy, I'm wondering if the collective pool of EU finance ministers will show more logic and reason before confirming someone who has no economics background and was key in the planning of one of the biggst development disasters in recent history, Paul Wolfowitz.

Bushist distortion of the week: scientific fact

Scientists in the U.S. Fish and wildlife service finds that at least 20% of respondents to a survey on behavior received pressured or instructions by higher-ups in the service to not answer the survey conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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