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What we want for the house

We've been meeting with Studio27, the architects we're working with, fairly regularly, going over their proposals for the renovation of the townhouse. Before the major design phase, we shared with them some thoughts on architectural concepts we like, and the general source of inspiration for wanting to do the project.

The origin of the idea
We decided we wanted to create our own type of house a couple of years ago, when we visited my sister-but-not-in-law and her husband in Trenton. We went with them to visit Grounds for Sculpture, and as we toured the pavilion where they house scupltures, hearing each other talk about the kind of space we'd love living in, it came across that we both had very similar ideas about architecture, space and how we live. For me, that was the first clear moment that we were really going to build a home together, someday, somewhere.

The idea, distilled
I summarized our whole set of thoughts, along with photographs, in a PDF that you can take a look at if you really want.

Where we are today
As of this moment, we have a pretty detailed idea of the concept -- a very open plan on the ground floor, with the cooking area in the rear, a dining/entertaining/table area in the center, and a media/sitting area in the front towards the street. The stairs, rather than jutting across the house like a badly parked SUV in Georgetown as they do today, will shift and hug the side wall, disappearing and blending as they take us upstairs.

The upstairs has two suites, each of which has a bathroom. The front room will be a study/guest room, while the one in the back will be the master bedroom. These two rooms are connected by a bridge, probably made out of some translucent material. The space above the dining/entertaining area is completely open, all the way to the ceiling. The bathrooms seem to float along the open area, and all is bathed in warm sunlight.

We're shuddering in delight. Here's a pretty picture.
Conceptual rendering - living roomConceptual rendering - living room