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The Pigeon Erradication of 2006

I'm in the process of evicting some vile, dirty, guano-creating disease-carrying flying rodent-from-hell pigeons that have set themselves up on my balcony. These nasty, dirty creatures built a nest, and even though I've cleaned it up, cloroxed the hell out of the floor and tried to make it unpleasant, they're still around.

This will be my documentation of the things I've tried and how far it has taken me:
- Sweep & Clorox: this seems to have kept them away for a couple of days -- I'm guessing they didn't like the smell of chlorine all that much. But I'm not sure I want to set up a bucket of clorox out there that they may drink of and die--I hate the things, but I'm also not enough of a monster to make them into soup.
- CDs on strings: I'm building a string of old AOL CDS and clinking things and perhaps that will scare them away.