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What we want for the house

We've been meeting with Studio27, the architects we're working with, fairly regularly, going over their proposals for the renovation of the townhouse. Before the major design phase, we shared with them some thoughts on architectural concepts we like, and the general source of inspiration for wanting to do the project.

The origin of the idea

On having a green house

RC and I have decided (well, a few months ago) that they way to sort out the fact that we work in three different parts of the world and have houses in two is that we should renovate the townhouse he owns in Capitol Hill and move in there, hopefully be the end of 2008.

We've decided to try to a) renovate green, b) do it with cool and interesting design with an architect and c) make it a very Cool place to live.

I'll be trying to keep a solid journal on what we're doing and how we're doing it... green renovation is apparently not all that easy to do well.

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