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Fun with logs

I was looking at the logs for the site recently and ran into an amusing little thing.

It seems that the words "hombres", "velludos" and "desnudos" have brought my site much traffic across the Googly eyes of Yahoo!.
A good number of folks of all types have stumbled across my site while looking for naked hairy men (or, to be precise, "men", "hairy", "naked"). Not that I object to the Hirsute Pursuit, but something's telling me that those looking for hombres velludos desnudos end up being heavily disappointed with what they encounter.

I suppose that if there were pictures of naked hairy guys (who speak Spanish?) on my now four-year-old tirade against the generally ethically bereft nature of San Francisco's Castro district I'd be getting more email, probably most of it asking me to display more pictures of naked hairy guys (who speak Spanish).

Others have landed on this page after having been searching for "skanky women", "girls grinding", "gay postcards" and "tom of findland". I wonder if the one looking for the findland ever did find land. (ta-dum-chink).

Some have ended up here looking for info on Huysmans in Yahoo! or Google. Their visits are most certainly welcome.

One careless website host in Germany has me down as the official link to Bagdad Cafe on Market Street near Castro in the "Top Links Gay", section of some form of directory, which is quite a sad stroke of reality, come to think of it. Never mind the gratuitous linking, which is always welcome, but something tells me the link isn't because of the belligerent anti-Castro tone of my page. Sad fact that people don't read.