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WMATA, stonewalling citizen journalists

Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

I hope this letter finds you well and that the new year is heading off to a good new start.

SUVs: defying the laws of physics

I got backed into and front-ended last night. As fate would have it, a man in an SUV perpetrated the deed. I was minding my own business, headed out of old town Alexandria towards a small gathering at my friend Jim's house. As I headed up a side street, trying to make my way towards King street, a big ole Pathfinder in front of me stopped and started reversing at me. Never mind traffic flow and all, this car was headed in my direction, backwards.

It's about Capital Pains in the Ass...

Two nights ago, I experienced another one of the reasons why this site is named what it is.

The evening began with one of my brother's and my famous sushi marathons (it's possible, but hard, to beat $15 all-you-can-stuff-into-your-mouth), where we caught up, laughed and talked about life and the ways to make it a worthwhile experience--one of the reasons why I dig hanging out with Diego.

Fun with logs

I was looking at the logs for the site recently and ran into an amusing little thing.

It seems that the words "hombres", "velludos" and "desnudos" have brought my site much traffic across the Googly eyes of Yahoo!.

A breakdown in the instinct for self-preservation: Saddle Sores goes to the not-yet-the-Millenium March on Washington

A chance to write about this one man's view on the march, which I've been wanting to compose since I left the Mall yesterday. Brace yourselves: it's lengthy and wordy, as is typical with what I write.

I entered the weekend with serious misgivings about the march itself.

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