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It makes my eyes mist over

I met David for the first time about three years ago, after having been an avid reader of his website for many more years and after maintained an email based friendship. David's ability to write about both the profound and the mundane with sharp wit and pith, and his almost compulsive journaling habit going back to his early teenage years served as much of the inspiration behind Saddlesores. I even stole some of his design ideas for other sites I've written.

A few months after meeting him, I read of David's falling in love with Mark, a man from Fresno, CA with an equally powerful ability to state and defend his opinions. I had a chance to meet the man that took David's heart last July when I was out in San Francisco for a tradeshow.

I wholeheartedly endorsed Mark after having met him.

Which makes seeing the video of Mark and David's wedding last Monday in San Francisco all the more special to me.